Webhooks configuration

This section explains if additional configuration is needed to support webhooks functionality.

If your installation is using NATS, you are not required to do any additional configuration, NATS will automatically start processing updates for environments/features relevant to the webhooks.

If your installation is using Pub/Sub, you will need to do additional configuration as described below.


For PubSub, when feature updates travel from MR → Dacha2, Dacha2 will take the well known topic and create its own subscription dynamically, and will destroy it on shutting down.

Webhooks use the new Feature Enrichment pipeline, which will take the single feature update (e.g. a feature changed, was added or was deleted), and pull all of the environment’s data out of the cache and then publish the complete set of Feature data for that environment. But you only want one of the Dacha2 instances processing that. As such, you need to a new subscriber just for the enrichment pipeline.


Publishing Events

Once Dacha2 has enriched the data, it needs to publish it back out again on one or more new topics. This allows you to easily create pools of topic/subscriber pairs. As such, we only actually have one topic, but it is configured to support further listeners to the enrichment pipeline - you can add your own if you wish to have an application being updated via a subscription for example.

The configuration uses the fairly standard list of keys, and then uses those keys to look for further configuration.

If you are using NATS or Kinesis, you can configure the name of the channel that FeatureHub publishes changes on using the configuration setting. For NATS you can just leave it as is and it will create it as required:


For Google PubSub, because of the way it works, we support multiple publishable topics. You can specify them as a list and then use those names to further specify your topic name.

In the example below featurehub-enriched-events-webhooks is the name of the Topic that Dacha2 will attempt to publish the enriched data on (for Google PubSub).

# when pubsub publishes the enriched data, it needs to specify one or more topics to publish on.


Edge is currently the application that listens for webhook related enriched data. You need to create a topic/subscription pairing and use that subscription pair on the configuration below. Here we have assumed your infrastructure-as-code has provided you a name like featurehub-enriched-events as the subscription.

# "edge" listening to the cloudevents.enricher.channel-name topic


Architecture Overview

FeatureHub uses CloudEvents to ship any asynchronous events.

Webhook Architecture