FeatureHub SaaS Architecture


FeatureHub SaaS architecture is based on the Open Source version of FeatureHub with an addition of several services to support multi-tenanting, multi-customer setup and management, billing, and usage statistics.

FeatureHub SaaS offers a high uptime out of the box by relying on our partners - Google Cloud and Fastly CDN. Unlike in the Open Source version, where you may need to take care of high availability of FeatureHub service by yourself, depending on how and where you host your instance.

SaaS Architecture

Fastly CDN cache offers many points of presence around the world, ensuring responses to your servers and clients are delivered in near real-time. Fastly also offers fast cache invalidation - which FeatureHub SaaS uses to ensure that when you update your features, Fastly fetches an update.


What happens if FH server goes down?

It is possible in rare events for FeatureHub SaaS service to be unavailable for a short period of time. However, because feature values are being cached by Fastly CDN, your customers will continue getting latest stored values without interrupting their experience.